Monday, July 1, 2013


We have some sheep.  Okay, this is not new news to us, but certainly it is to you.  Let me introduce you to our fabulous Shetlands!  First there is Gladys.  She is a few years old, shy and absolutely gorgeous.  She looks like a marshmallow when she is in full wool.  I like to call her Missy.  She answers, mostly, to neither.

Next is a two year old wether named Cub Cadet, Cadet for short.  Of Mister Itchy, Senor Itchy, or The Captain (though that one can get confusing) All names he does mostly answer to.  He is a born leader, but loves to have his chin and poll scratched.  He has been known to get the back foot going when we scratch his sides, too.  What a baby!

Our last addition is a one year old wether aptly named Cappuccino.  That is a pretty big name for a pretty little fellow, so he is Cappy.  Which is why The Captain can be confusing.  Cap'n and Cappy.  Uh huh.

 Together, these three have added an interesting facet to our farm.  I am anxious to find out how their wool processes out and how it spins up!